Phone Charging Station

Phone charging station

Hi, I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a while, but I had midterms all week so I’ve been kind of busy. Anyway, today I made this cute container to hold a phone while it is charging. I got the idea for this from, but I decided to paint mine, instead of cover it in fabric like they did. First you need to find a good, plastic bottle for this. I used an empty body wash container that I had rinsed out and dried. You want a more oval shaped container, that isn’t too big, or too small to fit your phone. Next, I drew a line around the bottle as a guideline to cut on.


To cut out the shape, I had to use big kitchen scissors, but you could also use an x-acto knife. I cut a little above my line because it was very messy the first time, but then I went back around and cleaned up the line a little. Then I traced the shape if my charger on the back section and cut that out. This part would probably be easiest with an x-acto knife, but I just folded the plastic over so I could make a cut, then adjusted the size of the hole until my charger could fit through.


Lastly, you just have to design your bottle. I painted mine, but you could also use duct tape, mod podge tissue paper, or do fabric like the original one was. Now, your phone won’t have to sit on the floor while you charge it!

Phone charging station


Yogurt Drops

yummy yogurt drops

Yogurt Drops

These yogurt drops are a really yummy, healthier version of chocolate chips. Plus, they are super easy to make. First you need to pour a yogurt cup into a plastic bag. I find that the easiest way to do this is by putting the plastic bag in a glass, and folding the top over the edge of the glass.


I used blueberry, greek yogurt, but any kind will work fine. Next you seal the bag, and cut off the tip so you can squeeze out the yogurt. Line a cookie sheet with saran wrap, and then squeeze out the yogurt into little drops.

yogurt drops

I was able to fill an entire sheet with yogurt drops, but it depends on how much yogurt you use. All that’s left now, is to freeze the drops overnight. Once the drops are frozen, put them in a plastic bag and keep it in the freezer, so the drops don’t melt. Enjoy!

yogurt drops

Glitter Mason Jar

Hi, I’m really excited to be writing my first post on my new blog, and today I’m going to show you how to make a glittered mason jar that you can use for pretty much anything.

Glitter Mason Jar diy

Finished Mason Jar

This diy is really easy and all you need is a mason jar, superfine glitter, mod podge, and wash tape. First I covered the bottom 1/4 of the jar with mod podge. The line should be pretty straight, but it doesn’t have to be perfect. Next shake glitter over the glue on the jar. I did this over a paper plate then just poured all of the extra glitter back into the container. Let the jar dry for 30 minutes – 1 hour.

Glitter mason jar diy

I’m using mine for colored pencils

Then carefully, so you don’t brush all the glitter off, put another layer of mod lodge on. The second layer of mod podge prevents glitter from falling off of the jar all over the place. When this layer is dry (it is dry when you can no longer see the glue) put your wash tape around the jar so you cannot see the uneven glitter line. And that’s it! you can use your jar for anything, art supplies, flowers, a candle, change, whatever you want! I hope you liked this post and my blog.

Glitter mason jar diy

The jar also looks pretty with a candle in it