Decorated School Supplies

Since school starts tomorrow for me, I thought I would share with you how I decorate my school supplies. for my binders and notebooks I used washi tape and duct tape on the spines and to make places to write my name. The different colors of tape also make it easy to distinguish between different binders, so I can easily grab the one I need from my locker.Decorated binders - Glitter, Sprinkles, and DIY

To add some color to my pens I also used washi tape. I bought pens that had a clear outside so that you could see into the middle. All I did for these was pull out the tip and ink tube, and the wrap tape around the tube and put the pen back together. I really liked these because they were colorful, but you didn’t have to worry about the tape coming off or getting dirty because it was inside the pen.

Fun Pens - Glitter, Sprinkles, and DIY

I hope you enjoyed these ideas, and that you have a great year!


Drawing Design

This isn’t really a diy, but it’s a drawing I did just for fun.


The process to draw this was pretty easy, I just found a silhouette of a dancer I liked online, printed it out, traced it, then filled it in with designs. Then at the end I just put some large designs in the background so it wouldn’t bee too plain. I hope you liked this drawing, and maybe I will inspire you to create your own design of something you love.